• Ghana government asked to harmonize laws on early marriage - Ghana Business News
    Ghana Business NewsGhana government asked to harmonize laws on early marriageGhana Business NewsGirls Not Brides – Ghana (GNB -G), a network of non-governmental organizations, has advocated for a change in the law that allows girls of 16 years to consent to sex and marriage to that which allow girls of 18 years to consent to sex. Dr Ndonwie Peter ...
  • United Nations Under-Secretary to address Ghana Parliament - Ghana Business News
    Ghana Business NewsUnited Nations Under-Secretary to address Ghana ParliamentGhana Business NewsUnited Nations Under-Secretary Babatunde Osotimehin would next week address Members of Parliament at the Parliament House in Accra. The address of Under Secretary General, who is also the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Fund for ...UN Under-Secretary General to address ParliamentGhanaWeball 6 news articles »
  • Parliament approves €13.1m loan to fight TB - Ghana Business News
    GhanaWebParliament approves €13.1m loan to fight TBGhana Business News“If people infected with TB are detected early, the trend of TB in Ghana can be reversed. Indeed, Ghana has been cited as one of the few African countries that might attain the TB related target for the Millennium Development Goals (MDG 6, Target 3 ...Ghana's Parliament: Law-making body approves loan to fight TBPulse.com.ghParliament approves loan to fight TBGhanaWeball 5 news articles »
  • Ghana Finance Minister: Seth Terkper called to parliament over DKM saga - Pulse.com.gh
    Ghana Finance Minister: Seth Terkper called to parliament over DKM sagaPulse.com.ghMinister of Finance, Seth Terkper will appear before parliament to answer questions pertaining to circumstances surrounded the operations of rogue microfinance companies, DKM, God Is Love and Justa Motors. The call for the Minister to appear before the ...
  • Do our laws really work in Ghana? - Ghana Dot
    Do our laws really work in Ghana?Ghana DotFolks, there is no doubt that Ghana is relatively stable and attracts international interest. Many are those rushing to relocate there to pursue their agenda in life, even as Ghanaians themselves desert the country for foreign lands, where they are ...and more »
  • Italian PM to address Ghana's Parliament Today - Ghana
    Ghana Broadcasting CorporationItalian PM to address Ghana's Parliament TodayGhanaThe Parliament of Ghana will this morning host the Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, as part of his two-day working visit to the country. Mr Renzi, who is expected to address the 6th parliament, will touch on issues relating to the diplomatic ...Italian Prime Minister Matheo Renzi Addresses Ghana's ParliamentGhana Broadcasting CorporationCreate jobs – Italian PM tells MahamaGhanaWebOvercome the fear of terrorism – Italian PM to GhanaCitifmonlineNews Ghana -Starr 103.5 FMall 149 news articles »
  • Italian Premier Matteo Renzi to address Ghana's Parliament - GhanaWeb
    GhanaWebItalian Premier Matteo Renzi to address Ghana's ParliamentGhanaWebItalian Prime minister Matteo Renzi will address Ghana's parliament next week, Speaker of the House Doe Adjaho told members Tuesday. The Italian premier is visiting Ghana to explore trade and investment opportunities in the West African country. The ...Italian PM to address Ghana's Parliament next weekCitifmonlineItalian Prime Minister To Address Ghana Parliament...Peace FM OnlineItalian Prime Minister to address Ghana's ParliamentGhana Broadcasting CorporationGraphic Onlineall 15 news articles »
  • Ghana's Parliament Awaits Election Date Proposal - News Ghana
    News GhanaGhana's Parliament Awaits Election Date ProposalNews GhanaThe Commission is therefore expected to prepare the necessary constitutional instrument (CI) for presentation to Parliament, which will enable it change the date of elections from the usual December 7 to November 7. However, given that the country has ...Election date yet to get legal backingGhanaWeball 3 news articles »
  • Ghana's Constitution and the Corruption Dilemma - GhanaWeb
    newsghana.com.gh (satire) (press release) (blog)Ghana's Constitution and the Corruption DilemmaGhanaWebAlthough there are many written and unwritten rules or laws in Ghana, none can ever overrule the ones that are clearly enshrined in our constitution. Therefore the country's recent performance on the global corruption index and the 'importation' of ...Ghana set to review wages of top political office holdersnewsghana.com.gh (satire) (press release) (blog)all 2 news articles »
  • Ghana: Parliament to Begin Ministerial Vetting Next Week - AllAfrica.com
    Ghana: Parliament to Begin Ministerial Vetting Next WeekAllAfrica.comThe Appointments Committee of Parliament, chaired by Mr Ebo Barton-Odro, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, will on Monday begin the vetting of ministerial nominees for appointments to some ministries and the regions. The nominees were referred to the ...